Do you always need to make various notes? It's an option exactly for you. The New Tab is a Notepad! Open the homepage to make remarks or find already saved notes. Use the whole New Tab as a blank page to tape the thoughts or plans. Use editing to create a structure or section. Add links to your text or set a schedule. All these are called NoteTab - your amazing homepage with a notepad.

The New Tab as a notepad to write comments quickly with extended opportunities. This incredible Start Page has quick access to email, history, downloads and other apps. Here are gathered most using points and put in one place to make browsing more convenient and productive. Keep bookmarks in a simple touch and use search for quick navigation across saved links.

Some useful features:

  • 1. Edit, save and organize notes directly in the Start page. Rename saved tabs, change fonts, colors, etc.
  • 2. Easy access to bookmarks on the homepage is also available. Bookmarks with a search bar allows you to find items quickly from the list of various websites.
  • 3. ToDo list helps you to manage important events and deals. Add title, time, date and be always updated with upcoming items.

NoteTab is a customized new tab for Chrome browser that will make the browsing experience better and efficient. Open a New Tab and use it as you use notepad, only better.

NoteTab is a simple solution for the users preferring Bing search and not interested in the detailed setup process of the Chrome Browser.

Once installed your default search is changed to Bing until the extension is removed. This project is proudly developed by the dedicated team of a Karbon Project LP. All rights for the technology, design, and content developed belong to their respective owners.